LOL Tinder

Find out the next champ you'll love!

LOL Tinder is a tool specifically designed for assisting League of Legends players in choosing new champions to play.

Given the summoner name, the proprietary algorithm analyses the feature of the user's most played champions, deduces the archetype of the "perfect" champion, and provides a list of the ten most suitable champ to try.



In April 2016, I tried to take part in the Riot Games API Challenge. However, two obstacles prevent me from reaching my goal: the first, short time and bad programming skills; the second, finding Italy among the nations that couldn’t take part in the contest. After refining my developer skills, I finally managed to release the tool I designed on that occasion.

If the champion mastery data provides a picture of the user’s playing habits, how can I use this information to suggest new champs to play?

Champion archetype

The data examined by the algorithm are gender, race, and in-game stats, such as Role, Difficulty, Attack, Defense, and Magic. The weighted average of the top 10 mastery champs features gives the archetype.

Affinity to the player

The similarity of a champ with the archetype is, therefore, the affinity of that champ to the player. The application recommends ten champions (different from the top 10 mastery champs) with the highest affinity percent.

Launcher implementation

LOL Tinder can easily integrate the League of Legends launcher. A dedicated section of the store can show a selection of champions that fit player’s style and tastes.

The player can find a compact and not invasive version of the affinity information inside the champion’s overview.