Digital Convergence and Emergency Communication Platform

Arca is a platform for emergency communication. Its purpose is to increase the resilience of individual citizens by providing them with tools to look after themselves and their circle of friends and family.

Initially, I designed it to be my Communication Design Master Degree final dissertation project at Politecnico di Milano. Later, the project was presented at the 2016 Med.Net International Resilience Forum in Genoa, city subject of the project.

I also took part in the 2015-2018 European Project I-REACT as JoinPad's AR Specialist on a project about similar topics but dedicated to institutions instead of citizens.

In Autumn 2014 two violent floods hit the city of Genoa causing two deaths and serious damage to infrastructures. even today, one citizen of Genoa over five lives in risk areas, highly frequented for study and work.

How can I help families to protect themselves and dialogue with institutions?
What can communication design do to make emergency prevention and management processes more fluid?

Arca allows citizens to receive and share updated and reliable information in case of bad weather. Telling where they live, work, study and recreating the circle of friends and family, they are able to stay informed about their security.

The user can also receives personalized alerts on the degree of danger he - or a member of his circle - are exposed to based on his real-time position.

Through the application users can also share reports on flooding, landslides and other inconveniences related to bad weather, helping first responders and decision makers in the emergency management process.